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Raft Resort

"Binlha Raft"

The elegant Binlha Raft Resort is more than just a normal raft room. It also has one of the top-rated locations in Sai Yok Noi River Kwai, Kanchananburi. The environment is peaceful among the River Kwai and jagged mountains. Guests can hear the sound of the reviver and can see groups of birds fly on clear sky.

Enjoy breathtaking scenery and exceptional accommodations


An integrated architecture between idyllic rooms and luxury rooms is intelligently designed for giving guests a chance to match their lifestyles with rooms they need. Whether you are looking for a relaxed place for a family break, or a luxury setting for your group trip, Binlha Raft also offers comfort and natural experience to guests.



Explore our resort rooms and enjoying the choice of room types.


Enjoy our popular activities and gives you an opportunity to experience nature in Sai Yok Noi, Kanchanaburi such as Bamboo Rafting, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Board, Elephant Riding, Elephant Bathing and etc.



Explore our resort surroundings.

What our customers say about us


Absolutely beautiful location. Very friendly and helpful staff. Amazing food. 

My Gypsy

Beautiful view, so peaceful, the sound of the water, feeding fish, dinner was delicious, room was very pretty and comfortable. Loved the deck with lounge chairs. I highly recommend people come and enjoy this jungle paradise.


Cool location,  quite special feeling on the river. Breakfast ok, lunch and diner on the boat quite good.

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